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Davide & Marion,

a "lady" story

He, a true Italian, is undivided in his cooking! She, with a smile always on her lips, moves from table to table, with a thoughtful word for each of her guests. Between them, they are barely 60 years old. Yet they have already "rolled their hump". They met at Georges Blanc's... They have never left each other. After the Château des Poccards, they found this cosy little nest that they called "La DaMa"... like Davide & Marion.


A pretty name, which in Italy means "The Lady". In Italy, the woman always smiles but never leaves it to chance! It is the same at "La Dama": he chooses his products at his daily market and develops his secret recipes with rigour and mastery. His cooking is precise, his sauces just right and each plate is a delight! She welcomes, matches the wines and presents each dish with jubilation. The announcement of each dish is music to your ears and immediately makes you want to discover the flavours that her chef husband has prepared.


"La Dama" is also a tribute to Davide's "nonna", who passed on to him all her recipes, which he revisits so that each guest has a unique experience.



A heartfelt story

When he goes shopping, Davide doesn't know what he'll bring back. What he does know is that he wants fresh, healthy, seasonal produce. He has chosen his suppliers. As far as possible, local. He has met, evaluated and tested all the others. He only retained those who impressed him. And he needs them!


It is by seeing the fish on the frozen bench, the fruit and vegetables at the producers, the meat in the cold rooms, that he composes, as he chooses, his menu of the day and that of the week. If his face was closed when he left, it is with a smile on his lips that he returns to his kitchen, like a child happy with his finds that he is eager to share!

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Les Jardins de Cocagne

Augustin Cuisinier Maraîcher




An other love story

The wine list, like the cuisine, is delightful. Selections that we are not used to seeing, discoveries, risk-taking that they want to share with their customers... Mâconnais, Beaujolais, Côte du Rhône, Burgundy but also Chianti, Sicily... the cellar is constantly evolving, there are so many beautiful things to discover and to associate with each dish!


Marion tells the story of each wine as if it were her own. They all know the local biodynamic winemakers, and have great encounters when they travel to Italy... And both agree that conventional wines are possible when they know that the winemaker who made them is reasonable...and sensible!

they accompany us


Ruppert Leroy

Casa Coste Piane

Maison Valette





S. Pataille

A. Occhipinti



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